Response To Reducing Alcohol

I have greatly reduced my alcohol intake after following Brooke’s Over-drinking program. I have found cutting back and keeping to my drink protocol relatively easy. What I am struggling with is when I am around my friends and my boyfriend who do drink regularly I feeling quite irritated and judgmental about their behaviour when drunk. My boyfriend is supportive of what I’m doing for myself but of course he doesn’t want me to be critical of him or anyone else drinking and enjoying themselves. When at a party last week I spoilt our evening as I wasn’t enjoying myself as everyone got so drunk celebrating my brothers wedding to be. My boyfriend didn’t know anyone at the party but he joined in and was very sociable whereas I was distant and frustrated as I just wasn’t on the same page as everyone else. My boyfriend got quite upset with me for my judgement of him when he had made an effort with my crowd.Please can you help me manage my thoughts in this situation so I stop feeling so frustrated, annoyed and judgemental. Particularly with my boyfriend as I feel it’s creating distance between us. Thank you.