response to weight loss surgery question

I know that this is not a forum for us to talk to each other, but I wanted to respond to the weight loss surgery question that one of your clients posted. You can put it up for her or not, but I had to respond.
I’ve had a lap band since 2006. I only lost about 60lbs and gained 40 of it back. I kept tightening it to try to get my weight back under control which caused issues with discomfort, vomiting and regurgitation. Finally one day I decided to provide some self-love and stop the torture. I had all of the fill removed and started following Brooke’s teaching. I’ve lost 55lbs, eating on protocol, managing my thoughts and emotions, and loving a life without all of that pain every time I eat!
The necessary removal of your lapband is happening FOR you!!!!!! Weight loss surgery is not the answer. Mind management is. You are right where you should be. Congratulations!