My parents are friends with a lot of millionaires because my dad runs a charity. Growing up, they always received “gifts”- like really expensive trips etc. My mom frequently told me that it’s best to be friends with wealthy people so you don’t have to take care of all the money, expensive boats, yachts, etc. She frequently told me that that kind of responsibility isn’t desirable.

My husband and I are making more and more money and I feel like my upbringing and beliefs are so strong that I’m worried about being able to change those strong beliefs. My parents always talked about how UNdesirable that amount of money is.

My parents are, ironically, extremely responsible people, but they always made it clear to me that too much responsibility isn’t good.

Is having a lot of money always correlated with having lots of responsibility? If so, I need to work on wanting more responsibility because I have such strong opinions about it because of my upbringing. I really want to change my own mind about money. It’s going to be my project this year.

Please help me see my model on this because I feel like my thoughts on money are so deep that they are strong beliefs. What would you recommend, should I work on “how to believe new things?”