Responsibility for Other Peoples’ Feelings

Hello. I’m trying to help my sister who is really struggling with anxiety because she thinks she is responsible for how her team at work feels everyday. She understands a little of the model, but says that her words and actions do make a difference to how the team feels. It made me think that, although it’s true to say we can never directly cause someone else’s feelings (that will always be their thought about our words) – it’s not quite true to say that our words or actions have ‘nothing to do’ with how they feel – because they are the trigger for the other person’s thought. So, we do have some impact on other people’s thought processes and therefore their feelings. I suppose I’m wondering (for her and me) what the balance is between knowing that we are not directly responsible for someone else’s feelings, but also being mindful that how we act does have some level of impact on them by causing a new circumstance. Thanks.