Rest Activities?

Hello Brooke,

Awhile back when I sent you a question about calendaring, you said that I should schedule my rest time in FIRST. I have been doing a lot of THINKING about that… but haven’t been acting on it because I have been indulging in confusion about what rest actually looks like for me… I don’t really enjoy watching TV or movies or reading magazines… I do go for long walks while listening to self-development podcasts and self-development audiobooks, and I read a lot of self-development books, but would you consider those activities as rest? I’m not sure I feel like my BRAIN is resting when I am doing self-development activities…

Sometimes I read “fluffy” novels, but I have a tendency to do what I consider “bingeing” on those and often have a hard time getting myself to stick to my calendaring plans when I’m into a novel so I don’t read those often. I like meeting friends for coffee or walks, but I also don’t consider that particularly restful because I don’t get my energy from being around others… How do you recommend thinking about REST for myself and, once I figure out what rest looks like for me, how much time each day do you recommend blocking out for it?

Thank you!