Rest/nothing time

I’m fairly new to the idea of scheduling rest/nothing time. I’ve been wondering why I have this thought and I think it’s because I tend to schedule everything I’ve decided to do and want to do including rest (i.e. I always get the amount of sleep my body needs because I schedule it, I watch a movie with my husband each week because I schedule time for it, etc.). Now when Brooke talks about scheduling at least an hour of nothing time, I ask myself, well what would I do during “nothing time”. And then I laugh because I realize it’s titled “nothing” time :D. Anywho, I’ve found that when I do schedule nothing time, I let things slide in my schedule because I know I have an hour of nothing time. Clearly there’s a thought in my brain somewhere that’s thinking about it as a buffer in my schedule and I have a feeling that’s not what Brooke meant by saying she recommends scheduling an hour of nothing time each day. Could you help me understand this a little bit more so I could try using nothing time the way it was suggested? Thank you!