How to rest/recharge without negative consequences?

Hi Brooke. I’m new to SCS and I’m loving it! I’m just sorry it took me so long to join! I’ve been listening to your podcast for years and have gotten so much out of every episode. BUT. I am stuck on a model.

Since joining SCS a month ago I have lost 10 lbs! It’s going awesome, so much so that my sneaky brain is thinking this:

C – my protocol
T – this is working so well, I can totally slack off!
F – lazy, apathetic about my protocol
A – overeat
R – weight loss slows down

The R and the T lines don’t line up. Can you please help me see how this is wrong? Is my thought a lie? It is, right? I don’t want my weight loss to slow down. This thought is not useful. I am working towards changing it to:

C – my protocol
F – excited to fulfill my own dreams
A – stick to my protocol
R – weight loss goals reached!

So, I just read this back and in my head you’re saying, “Why are you choosing to think that I can totally slack off?” This is probably the real question I should be asking myself. Which leads me to say that Brooke, I am not good at knowing how to rest. I used to relax and unwind with junk food and mindless Netflix. That can’t work for me anymore. I love my career, I have a great family, wonderful friendships. I don’t really feel like I need to escape my life. I love being super productive. But I do feel the need to rest / recharge and this doesn’t come naturally to me. You talk about working 3 days a week. How do you recharge on your off time? I know you read a lot, I know you like to walk. I find myself wanting to work in my spare time, or catch up on the laundry, or emails, etc and I never really end up giving myself a true break. I think I feel guilty when I’m not working, so I think I feel the need to distract myself when I’m resting/recharging so that I don’t feel guilty for not being more productive.

Now you’re asking me, “Why do you feel guilty for resting?” Oh man… I think that has a lot to do with my thoughts about money. Thoughts like, I should be making more, I should not waste time resting…

And now you’re saying, “Rest is productive when there isn’t a negative cost associated.”

So this is probably what I should be focusing on. Okay, ima get to work on this now.

Please feel free to add to/revise what In-My-Head-Brooke has been saying.