Restraining or embracing? Multi Creative goal?

My impossible goal is selling 25 paintings in 2020. Last year I’ve sold 3. Last month I’ve made better pictures of my art and changed my pictures on my fb page and on my Saatchiart page, posted on my Instagram. I paint on my scheduled hours. etc.

Still I often think; I can do more. I should do more.

Besides painting I’ve been involved in interior design of projects (restaurants, hotels) for many years, and love it.

Now a new project ‘comes along’, a great hotel project abroad in a country I used to live and still visit every 3 months (anyway) and love to be.

My thoughts are varied. From “I better stick to my 25 painting sale and not spend time and energy to another project”. To “Interior design and selling paintings, might go hand in hand… you never know”.

Is ‘taking time away’ from painting and finding out the marketing, finding paying clients (not people who love it but not buy, they are many) a ‘flight’ from my impossible goal, since that feels uncomfortable, or is it also ‘Using the opportunities that are right in front of me’, when I do the hotel project?

I think it’s a bit of both, since I see myself looking for more resources to find out how to get my art sold. Like viewing he video’s of Marie Forleo (great!) and considering if her program is what i should do after completing a year in SCS (will be in April).

I made 2 models, the second only an IM.

C. Impossible goal
T. I still don’t see how I’ll sell 25 painting this year
F. Discouraged
A. Spending time googleling for advice, courses on ‘selling art’. Doubting my ability to find my buying tribe. Accusing my region, country of being not the right place to sell it. Considering shipping for my big painting way to expensive, so people will not pay for it. Repeating the comments in my head of friends, other artists that tell me art is hard to sell, it’s a difficult world, (almost feeling relieved I’m not the only one).
R. No way I get to see them sold

T. There more ways to get 25 painting sold in 2020
F. Open/curious
A. Stick to SCS, one course at a time, and find what I can use business wise. Agree to the hotel project and find out if art purchase is part of it.
R. Sold my 25 painting MY way. Not defined yet

C. Hotel project, interior design
T. I love this work, with this enthusiast mindset, I explore how my art fits in
F. Energised
A. Contact responsible person fro project. Get clear the scope of the project, in number rooms and time wise. Plan visits and painting. See combining two passions as a plus not as a minus.
R. Engaged in hotel project where I presented my myself as I am.

Any comment, insight is more than welcome, coaches!

Thank you!