restrict from allowance?

After listening to this month’s VIP call – you pointed out to a caller that if she would restrict her food from a place of allowance she would be able to succeed – rather than from a place of will power. And it got me wondering if the same would be true for certain emotions. Like lately I’ve been feeling so angry – even rage sometimes – like the other day I threw a small cutting board onto the kitchen floor. I know – right? I was alone and I was so angry about something going on in my life right now. Of course as soon as I yelled to no one in the room and threw the cutting board – I felt ashamed and a little silly.

So when you said that about restricting food from a place of abundance – I thought – I wonder if I tried restricting my anger from a place of allowance – or at least processing it from a place of abundance – would that help me get a handle on it? Help to not make it a bad thing or something to be ashamed of – but something to allow and investigate.

Does this make sense? It feels lighter and more compassionate