Result became new Circumstance

Good morning Brooke and team,

I wanted to say thank you, first of all. I really appreciate each of you. I am so grateful that I found you and have signed up for Scholars, it is my first month. I think the model is really interesting and I think it is neat how the Result of a model can become the Circumstance of the next model. I went to Afghanistan from 2010-2012 (which is where the following event occurred) and upon my return home I needed help but couldn’t find it because I was not military but rather a volunteer civilian. I then got into self-help and found that I wanted to become a life coach, specifically for those in a transition period or those with PTSD (military or civilian). I wanted to become a client first though, because I know that in order to help others, I need to help myself first. I have always been very career-driven, and since 2012 I have made leaps and bounds with my career, but am ashamed at what I let happen because I used to have much better control over my mind. I wanted to share my two first models with you, predominantly to begin to really process and get past this but also to please ask for your feedback on whether I did them correctly.

C: The person with whom I fell in love in Afghanistan and to whom I lent $30,000, then performed sexual favors with many different men for money.
T: I love her, I could save her, why would she do this instead? Was any of it real or was it all a ruse?
F: Hurt, betrayed, angry and helpless; then feeling shifted to apathy
A: Buffered w/ alcohol, food & Netflix and endured a fake friendship until she paid me back then cut her out of my life
R: Gained 70 pounds, now clinically obese; missing out on a lot of the things that I love to do.

C: Clinically obese; missing out on a lot of the things that I love to do.
T: I love myself and it is worth the discipline and the work that it will take to change my habits and process all underlying feelings
F: Grateful, relieved and inspired
A: Create detailed weight loss plan (including all fun outdoor activities that I used to love to do) and stick to it
R: Lose 80 pounds and reach impossible goal! Kick-ass motivational story for future clients.

Thank you all very much!