Result Doesn’t Seem to Match the T – What’s wrong with this model?

Here’s a model from my TDL – maybe that was not really my thought but my brain wanting me to believe it and trick me but it seems that the Result does not match Thought.

C – I went off my food plan yesterday
T – I can go off protocol 1x a week and it will be fine
F – Guilty / apprenhensive
A – I ate more than I wanted to and thoroughly enjoyed it knowing I was going to be sorry the next day. I didn’t binge but it was more than 1 portion of pasta as I started with a little bit and added another portion of a “little bit”. I also drank 1.5 glasses of wine because I said I may as well drink too just to see what effect it would do on how I feel. I did not do my work I wanted to so I think the glass of wine was a total buffer.
R – I woke up this morning having more judgmental thoughts. I don’t feel great because the glass of wine affected my lungs but my head is clear. (I seem to prove I can’t go off protocol and it be fine)

I did learn something here because there is a deeper model in-between this here that caused me to buffer but I’m struggling to make this model correct. I’d love to see what you come up with. I’m not sure if guilty was the feeling I had while deciding to go off protocol. I think it may have been apprehensive, not sure. I certainly feel guilty today!