Result line!!

The R line is the hardest for me in the model. I often feel like I am stretching the result to make it fit the thought. Here are my models- I would love some feedback.
Unintentional model:
C- I have a job and a family, I am in the certification program
T- I can’t get it all done for everyone
F- anxiety
A- I push through the activities in a state of anxiety, I snap at people, I hold my body tightly to the point of headaches, I wake up really early and can’t get back to sleep
R- I get it done for everyone but me. I am exhausted and not present for my family/at work

Intentional model:
C- I have a job and a family, I am in certification program
T- this program /extra stress is only 6 months long
F- committed
A- relax my shoulders, take deep breaths, slow down, take the emotion out of it
R- I am committed to this choice and calm enough to take advantage of it