Result Line Question

I keep getting stumped on the Result line of the model. I listened to Brooke say that it typically proves your T line, for example, if you have the thought “I’m not going to have a good time”, typically your result will be right in line with “I didn’t have a good time”. But I am stumped on my below model as to what exactly my result would be –

C-Husband said “I don’t have emotions to process”
T-If he can’t process emotions that could lead to behavior disorders/bipolar (which he has a past of)
A-Get quiet, overthink about how maybe he should be on bipolar meds, research signs of bipolar, texted his sister and asked how he used to act when he was originally diagnosed as bipolar to compare
R-Spend hours worrying about something out of my control

I do think my R line is accurate, however, I am getting hung up on thinking my Result should somehow line up with my T line. On this model specifically, I also got hung up on if my result should actually go in the A-line?
Thank you for your help!