Result of being jealous & feeing restlessness

Hi coaches,

I worked on 2 models and I really need help with the R line.
My bf texted me last night saying he bumped into a mutual friend (female) at the gym and he was asked if we were dating. He also had mentioned that he went for drinks and came back home at 1:30 am. I read his text message this morning and having feelings of jealously and restlessness. I had thoughts around this like, what did he answer about our relationship? He mentioned that he went drinking but was it with her? Just her? or other friends at the gym?

Here’s the 2 models I did. I know the feeling of jealousy doesn’t create anything and is super unproductive. But other than that, I’m not sure how I can come up with a clear R line.

C: Got a message from bf saying “went for drinks and just got back now” at 1:30 am.
T: Going to drinks without me could turn into a routine and he might not have enough time for me anymore
F: jealous (feeling a buzz around my heart, shortage in breath)
A: looking back at his message, ruminating who he might have been with, think about what they could’ve talked about, not working, procrastinating, buffering, not asking him who he went to have drinks with (I plan to ask him later tonight rather than texting him)
R: ???
* I had other thoughts such as He might have gone with and just the two of them and It’s not a problem that he went for drinks with her but I still feel jealous.

C: Got a message from bf saying “was asked by a mutual friend (a girl) if we’re dating”
T: Did he tell her the truth? Does he want other people to know? Can this change the dynamics between us at the gym? Or even the dynamics between us?
F: restlessness
A: ruminating about how he could have answered (and pretty much same as above)
R: ???

Any advice would be super helpful! Thank you!