Result of my model

Could someone help me determine the result of this particular model?

C: Impossible goal set on 5/11/2020 to get 2 clients by 7/31/20, today’s date is 7/31/20, currently have 0 clients as of today
T: I gave up on my goal.
F: Shame

A: Don’t tell anyone the initial goal or result
A: Dont’ look back to see what I can learn
A: Quickly make another goal to cover this one up
A: Question my ability to meet future goals
A: Doubt my ability to figure things out in my business
A: Let off the gas in terms of effort on my current projects
A: Focus on the past for evidence of what I can create for the future
A: Don’t focus on what I can create for the future
A: Don’t plan/take more massive actions
A: Attach this result to my self worth (negatively)

Some possible R’s:
R: I limit my future results ahead of time.
R: I don’t achieve future goals?
R: I don’t learn what to do better next time from this goal.
R: I don’t make changes to interrupt this giving up cycle.
R: I don’t create from the future.

Where am I not connecting the dots? Thanks coaches!

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