Result "out of model"

I’m currently looking for a new job. I had some help from a coach yesterday with my model, which is now:

Unintentional model
C: Looking for new job
T: I’m unemployable
F: Anxious
A: Buffer, don’t take massive action
R: Don’t get new job

Intentional model
C: Looking for new job
T: I add a lot of value and I can make employers see this and give me a job
F: Confident, focused
A: Interview confidently
R: GET OR NOT GET JOB (result is out of my hands)

I know the result is supposed to prove the original thought. In my intentional model, my intentional thought will make it more likely that I get a job but there is still a chance I don’t get the job. Is my interpretation of the model right or should I be thinking a different thought that actually makes it CERTAIN that I will get a new job?