I am having a hard time clarifying results in the model. It’s obvious to me when the result is a self-fulfilling prophecy of the thought:

T: “i don’t have enough time”
F: overwhelm
A: buffer, not do the tasks with the time I have
R: I don’t have enough time”
…but I struggle when it’s something else. For example,

C: husband didn’t fix lights
T: “I have to do everything around here”
F: resentful
A: yell at him, get angry and bitter, complain
R: _____ I suppose I could say that it pushes him away so he doesn’t want to fix the lights…so I have to do everything around here.

But I feel like as I listen to more people get coached, there are more subtle results and I’d like to learn more about how to identify those, ones where it isn’t so obvious like directly manifesting my thought but the ones where I’ve heard it’s a mirror or other ways results can show up.