Results ahead of time (digital marketing)

Hi Brooke, I am so grateful to have just joined SCS!

My question is: what Results Ahead of Time would you recommend for my digital marketing agency (i provide SEO, web design, and Google Ads for local service businesses)?

Up until now I have been creating a free 20-minute video analysis of the prospect’s website (focusing on traffic and conversion).

Each video normally takes me several hours to put together (research + outline + recording + editing) and I have found that many prospects take my video recommendations and disappear (they go to a cheaper competitor to have my recommendations implemented, with mediocre results).

I was considering starting to charge $400 for this video (or replacing it all together with a $400 strategic road-mapping session with deliverables) so that I could eliminate the “freeple/cheaple” tire-kickers… until I heard you talk about RAoT. Now I am having second thoughts!

What would you do?