Results Line

I’ve had some success in weight loss over the last 4 months in Scholars. I’m telling myself it could have been more but I went off protocol too many times.

I just listened to a recorded coach call on reversing the model & working backwards. I feel like I get really excited about starting with the result. Follow through is my problem. 🙁  I don’t sit long enough with the uncomfortable feeling & I give in.

Tips/tricks to get over the hump? I have gotten better at least at waiting 10 min, 30 min, etc. before grabbing that snack. In the end my primitive brain wins out for that instant gratification 80% of the time.

R – Lose 5.5 lbs before vacation next month
A – Stay on protocol 6 out of 7 days; plan healthy food I enjoy & the occasional treat
F – Excited
T – I know this is a manageable goal for 3 weeks from now (if I stay on plan – some self doubt)
C – Weight loss