Results Line in Model

This is my first month in Scholars. When I run models I feel like I know what to put in each line, except for the results line.

Here are some models I have run recently. Intentional and Unintentional.
Unintentional Model
C: Child playing at friend’s house
T: I don’t want the parents to think my child overstayed their welcome.
F: anxiety
A: I keep checking in with the parents. I worry and stew while the child is gone. My thoughts aren’t about what I am doing. I try to be in control of the situation.
R: I think my child may have overstayed their welcome.

Intentional Model
C: Child playing at friend’s house.
T: It is ok to let the parent be responsible to contact me when they are done playing.
F: peace
A: I focus on what I am doing. I let everyone else be in control of themselves. I enjoy how I spend my time.
R: (I ‘m not sure what to put here). It is ok for me to show up this way.