Results of Thoughts vs. Uncontrollable Outcomes

Could you please help clarify the Results line for me? I understand that results relate to myself not other people but I wonder if results are more aligned with how I show up verses a specific outcome I cannot control. Example:
Circumstance: Sell my business for a profit.
Thought:If I work hard, give my best effort and do everything I know to do, I can sell my business for a large profit. (mental manual???)
Actions: work hard, learn, make connections with buyers, ask pertinent questions.
Results: business sold at a loss. —> this feels like an uncontrollable outcome.
Results: I worked hard, I learned a lot, I made great connections, I gave my very best effort. —> effect of my thoughts/actions.

Any help you can offer any insight on where I’m not quite getting it here, I would appreciate it.