Results Question

Heya Brooke! Quick follow-up to a previous outcomes/goals question. You made perfect sense when you said choose who I want to become – and THEN “decide what will mold you to that person and that version of yourself”.

My goal is to become a phenomenal life coach who helps/inspires millions of people worldwide. I know THAT will be a massive (and massively fun) journey. Lots of learning, even more implementation, and a ginormous amount of growth as I move through discomfort to get there. Now, that’s an amorphous goal, in a way, because how do you quantity “phenomenal life coach” – and how would you ever know when you reached “millions worldwide”. So I was thinking about specific goals over the next 4 years (when I turn 50) that I could work toward to bring this about.

Some of them include… Make $100K a year (then $250K, $500K, $1M, etc.)… Write a Book (or I could Steve Chandler it and write LOTS of books)… Sell # Copies of Book… Get Invited to Speak at Event with # Attendees … etc. These seem to be the quantifiable goals I can work toward – and know when they’re done – and, in that process (or because OF that process), I’d become a phenomenal life coach. If I make # dollars and sell # copies of a book and get invited to speak at big events – it’s probably because I have put in the work and have really developed the chops.

Is this what you were talking about when you said “decide what will mold you to that person and that version of yourself”? And – do you have any additional insights regarding this. Is this kind of how you set (or still set) outcomes for your own business/life?

My “why” is that I’ve always loved (with a capital “L”) personal development – and especially the results I’ve gotten over years. All of the biggest transformations in my life I can trace back to coaches/experts – and I’d love to be that for someone else. Lots of “someones else” … so right now I’m just working on turning the dream into specific steps/actions – so I can get to work. 🙂

Any insight/ideas on how you set your own goals starting out, how you do it now, your recommendations… anything would be super helpful!

Thank you, Brooke! 😀

P.S. You’re probably at the point where it’s like “OF COURSE this model works!”, but I just had my best friend over last night and she brought a bottle of Pinot Grigio for me (because I haven’t made an announcement that I no longer drink) – and it was nice to not want it or feel anxiety about not drinking it – even when she questioned why I was drinking lemonade all night. I went from drinking wine in the shower to EASILY not wanting to drink (in short order with very little anxiety) and that’s a miracle. It’s that kind of miracle I want to bring to others – because it creates a massive ripple effect. (Once that anxiety goes away, the door opens to LOTS of other amazing opportunities). So thank you again, Brooke! You. Are. Awesome! 😀