Retreats over joy eat

Last night I made chocolate chip cookies with my grandchildren. I had planned this as my joy eat for the week. I had already made my goal weight. Then my granddaughter wanted to make banana chocolate chip ice cream (which I have as my joy eat sometimes-coconut milk, frozen banana, dark chocilarpte chips). It does not make my blood sugar go as high. I recently got myself out of being prediabetic zone, back to normal. I agreed we could do both cookies and ice cream. I knew my weight would probably go up and sure enough, when I weighted myself , I was up a couple of pounds. Now I am regretting having both last night. So here is my model this morning. Thoughts, please. I still feel crummy and down on myself.

T: I shouldn’t have had cookie dough, cookie and ice cream.
F: guilty, upset
A: beat myself up
R: have regrets, gain weight

T: I can take better care of myself. It wasn’t worth it.
F: resolved, determined
A: double down, back on protocol
R: feel better, lose weight I gained