Return to Boss Job following a Brain Injury

Hi, I recently returned to work as the CEO of a company (not-for-profit) that I founded after a year medical leave following a brain injury. I am struggling to work in the same way that I used to because of my new limitations. However, the biggest challenge is that my team of 25 staff prefer to work with the woman who was the Acting CEO (now the Vice President) during my medical leave. She is not supportive of my return and I am struggling to regain my leadership role in the organization. I am working to have thoughts that serve me, but this is a tough one (particularly on top of trying to get back on my feet after a brain injury!).

Here’s an example of an intentional model that I am using to get through this challenge:
C – One of my senior Directors left his job to take a new job. In his exit interview, he stated that I should not be the CEO and the VP should take the role. He advised that I should leave the company.
T – His departure is is a relief. I am able to take on the challenge of regaining my team’s trust and respect, while recovering from a difficult brain injury. This is part of my recovery journey.
F – Confident
A – Work smart; Being gentle with myself in order to continue to heal; Making good strategic decisions about how I spend my time.
R – Regaining my role as CEO

But, underlying all of this is a deeply held belief that I am not worthy to be the boss and that people “always reject me.” My team’s treatment of me seems to support this belief. It not a helpful belief, but I can’t seem to shake it and there’s a lot of evidence of my team’s rejections. How does one shift a deeply held belief that is not serving them?