Returning Scholar – work on weight loss?

I joined SCS in November 2018 and continued through July 2019. I lost about 40 pounds during this time, but unfortunately put the weight back on after starting a new job and working on the front lines in an Emergency Department during COVID. I totally stopped doing the mindwork and began emotionally eating again to deal with the trauma I faced every day. I realized that life is never going to “get easier” which is why I decided to come back to SCS.

The problem I am running into now is that I can’t pick up on the weight loss work anymore… because I am pregnant! I am so happy and so excited that my husband and I are finally expecting our first child, but I feel almost lost without my side-life of weight loss. My weight and attempting to lose weight has occupied my mind for so many years. I started my pregnancy overweight and am going to be gaining more weight as the months go on. My doctor recommended 10-15 pounds only. I can’t necessarily do the weight loss work at this time, but I need to focus on managing my mind. How should I go about tackling this? Should I work on stopping overeating? Accepting myself at my size? 5 pounds stronger? Just need a little guidance. Thanks!