I notice I have a pattern of putting my heart and soul into a job and being appreciated by customers and coworkers yet in 3 different jobs now I was basically asked to leave by the employer. Each time it came as a shock. Twice it was for breaking a rule that wasn’t even on my radar and when I was as confronted it seemed over the top for a reason to be let go. (Not punching out for a lunch break on Christmas Eve to when just that morning I volunteered to cover for a worker who called out sick … I was shocked. I felt like I was doing them a favor and just wanted to get in my 8 hr shift and get back home to my company). At another job it was for putting gas in a van without first making the students get off. I wasn’t aware of the policy. As a director it was a rare circumstance that I was driving that van ( a staff driver was out sick and I volunteered to help cover). At another job they changed a policy of allowing staff to have dogs on site the day supposedly “just that morning” when I told them I just got the call my new puppy was ready for adoption. I had signed the contract in April with their knowledge I would be getting a dog sometime in July and they had agreed to it yet they wouldn’t honor the agreement so I left. Another job of 18 years gave me vague comments in my annual evaluation that “people feel I am angry” but couldn’t supply names or details. this was after 18 years of stellar annual reviews all by the same boss. 2 months later I gave a 2 week notice that I had to resign because I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer and had to go out of state for 6 weeks of special treatments only offered in Boston. I called HR and filed the disability paperwork the day after I got the news. But after 48 hrs of thinking about it I decided just to resign. When I submitted my resignation my boss emailed me and said if I changed my mind and ever wanted to come back to work for the company it wouldn’t be allowed because I should have given 30 days of notice (HR said 2 weeks was acceptable because I checked with them first). Papers were filed from MGH and the oncology team their with HR so there was no way I was making it up. I was shocked by his email. It felt like hatred. I have carried these experiences for years with indignation and thoughts of being victimized by employers. I thought I was going above and beyond to serve and believed I was valued only to find out I wasn’t. I chalked it up to bosses being threatened by my competence and thus finding a stupid reason to get me out. But now with SCS I feel like maybe I have been a fool over these past 25 years… not seeing the truth that perhaps I was ignorant to my own presentation and not a rule follower so I deserved what I got. Now I feel like a fool and not sure who I am or who I can trust in my current job. What will I be blind-sighted with next? Yikes!