Revelation during thought download

I have been doing my thought download each day, and in today’s one I had a major revelation. My primary focus has been weight loss, I have lost 55kg, and I have 28kg to go to reach my ideal weight, and during today’s thought download I wrote ‘I feel a bit lost and not sure what to do once my weight loss journey is over’. I had NO idea I felt like this, it was just WOW. So I put that thought into the model as follows:
C: Goal Weight
T: I don’t know what to do once my weight loss journey is over
F: Lost / Scared
A: Buffer with food
R: Weight loss slows down

New Model
C: Goal weight
T: I enjoy the feeling of my healthy body
F: powerful
A: continue my protocol
R: Reaching and maintaining my goal weight

My initial thoughts were to scoff at my thought, I mean it sounds a bit like nonsense, but obviously I have been having this thought subconsciously so I didn’t want to downplay it. That’s why with my new thought I chose to acknowledge my success and that’s why I chose the thought about enjoying the feeling of my healthy body. Then later I can choose a new big goal like money. Am I on the right track?