Hi Brooke!
Thank you so much for the great content, as always!
A little note on the absurdity of my thoughts. As part of my project of being an English learning coach (I’m having a blast creating it!), I’m paying more attention to my thoughts about my second language. The other day, when Hubby was looking for a movie’s subtitles on Netflix, a quick thought crossed my mind: “I hope there will be English subtitles, otherwise I won’t understand because I wasn’t raised speaking English.” I was amazed by that thought! I didn’t feel confident enough, I didn’t trust myself although I’ve been learning and teaching English for most of my life now.
Today, I had another revelation: I listen to podcasts in English all day long… without any subtitles! And I’ve never doubted the fact that I could understand them! (but I particularly appreciate the transcripts on your website so that I can study them)
So I guess I’ve finally found the evidence I needed to feel more confident about my English listening skills, whatever the media. I also find it astounding that a thought can work in one area (I’m confident when listening to podcasts in English) but not in another very close one (I’m not confident at all when watching a movie in English without subtitles). There must be partitions in my brain?!
Have a great day!