Reverting back

I loved March.

I’ve learned how to understand myself so much more and I’ve gone from daily self loathing to daily awareness and a lot more intentional thinking.

I’ve enjoyed so much allowing myself to just write and think positively rather than continuing to entertain the negative thoughts.

I’m worried now that with he newer homework I’m going to go back to just entertaining the negative beliefs.

I know that’s what kept me stuck for so long. I’d write the same negative thoughts everyday and I just felt like I wouldn’t progress.

But now that I’m aware of them and getting myself to think positive thoughts on purpose, I’ve been able to move forward.

I created a Facebook group and added people in there. I started a ton of conversations trying to understand my ideal client even more and I’m starting to actually do live videos and create content.

I’d been in inaction for so long because I was wrapped up in my negative beliefs, march helped me separate myself.

Now I’m worried that I’m going to just revert back and write down all the same negative beliefs and think about those over and over again.