after I review on my intentional model – Yusmeris

Hi Brooke,
Thank you for your help. So i review my model and yes the intentional model didn’t feel believable, i went from :
This was my very first unintentional model.
C: job, family
T: I’m addicted to sugar and flour and I’m hopeless about it
F: anxious , overwhelmed , frustrated
A: break my fasting , go looking for anything (with sugar and flour ) to eat
R: overeating , low self-esteem , overweight

The (OLD) intentional model:
C: job, family
T: I can overcome addition to sugar and flour
F: confident , compassion for my self
A: i can observe my self feel hungry without going in panic mode
R: I stick to my protocol , boast in self esteem and loose weight

The (NEW) intentional model:
C: job, family
T: I have a habit of eating sugar and flour
F: compassion for my self
A: I can be present with myself
R: My urges dont completely control me anymore

Its really hard for me not to overeat ( now i understand how highly efficient my brain is), but I have notice that at least now (after 2 days) I not as “unconscious eater” as I was before. I just started this work on my self and i think this little step is a sign of progress, to be honest its frustrates me, since I want to like to stop myself on the tracks and stop overeating once and for all , but I see that my mind needs this to be a process. Retrain my brain to do not give into the urges, watch it and be amaze by it.

Am I doing this models better?

Thanks you!