revised “PURPOSE”

dear, Brooke ! THANK YOU, very very much for answering , i still can not believe you are “real” person LOL.
I did not introduce myself and hoping you remember my question – Julia – new scholar – purpose was “being succesful and make more money”, your answer was – purpose is one step beyond this , WHY do i want to make more money .
Here is what i think the reason is – i am fully complete , as a matter of fact , make good money as is , but have to work hard for it – long hours , retail pharmacy ( i am a pharmacist ), i love my job and i love what i do , i am 53, don’ t feel a day over 35 , in very happy relationship, still in love with my partner , very much as you were describing your love to your husband. My daughter is 30 and just had a baby , she is all set and super happy . we have lots of animals ( 7 ), two daxies , 5 sphynx cats and tortoise , we live in New York city . back to WHY – i am at the point of my life where i want to be free with my time , and at the same time have something going on to be financially comfortable .
I have a dream to live here and Mexico ( Tulum ), i own piece of land there, but have no funds to build anything yet , i want to have freedom of traveling , see my daughter and granddaughter without suffering financially.
purpose – have financial freedom and time to travel . please, comment.