revised question on model

I just submitted a question about my thought download + model (below), but now I find myself wondering when a feeling like described, a feeling of feeling pushed and never really getting a break, is something VALID (meaning not just my comfort zone speaking) and is just something that I need to listen to, and not a thought/feeling to do an intentional model around.

Perhaps my thought/feeling here was just a cue to rest and relax, versus using an IM to nudge myself to do one more thing. (I’m quite good at talking myself into action, not very good at letting myself do nothing to rest.).

My question is:
when to do an IM to generate a different feeling, and when to take the cue of the feeling as valid without trying to generate something else to get a different result. (I can feel a thought error in here somewhere, but I feel genuinely tired so I’ll leave it here)

Thanks for the review.

Thought download:
I feel really freaking annoyed and impatient. I feel needled. I feel pushed. Quit bugging me. Leave me the fuck alone. Gimme a break. Why is there always more that I have to do. There is never a time to just chill. It’s always either focusing and working and learning and then netflixing out of resentment or self-pity or indulging in a break from the relentless showing up for all the things.
C noticing restlessness.
T there’s always more that I have to do/something to fix
F annoyed, pissed
A I say fuck it and chill with flix (while still knowing there’s stuff I could be doing/waiting for the time I can act again)
R nothing changes in my to do list. Nothing gets fixed/resolved.

C noticing restlessness
T I wonder what would feel satisfying. I could go do that and then give myself a break.
F focused/intentional
A I tend to one thing on my list and then I give myself a real break.
R I feel both rested and satisfied, because I’m tending to what needs to do and tending to rest