Revisiting March & Believing New Things

I’m going back through the March workbook, and have a question about #4 of the homework from that month. After writing down the conflicting sentences (#3) to the new belief I’m trying to create, #4 says “Answer each of these sentences with an alternative thought and a massive action to counter it.” I understand what the first part means about “answer each of these sentences with an alternative thought,” but I have no idea what the second part means. Can you please say more about “…massive action to counter it”?

And to be more specific, here is my new belief. (paraphrased) …6-figure annual income.
One of my conflicting sentences: “You’re taking a huge risk to continue on this path.”
Alternative thought: “You’d be throwing away a lot of ground work and momentum if you gave this up now.”
Massive action??? This is the part of #4 of the March homework that I don’t understand. Please help.