Reward eating

I have been looking at some of my overeats and they have to do with two general feelings. Complacent and reward. The complacent feeling is I am not overweight so I don’t have to worry about eating. I do have indigestion at times from overeating and I think it effects my energy level negatively.

My other is when I have worked out hard, I link it to I have “room” to overeat and when I have waited until I am hungry. I am like “I am hungry now, eat all things” as like a green light because I didn’t snack. Like I give myself permission to FINALLY eat.

All of this I know is in my brain.

C After planned meal have 3 scoops of peanut butter, and 2 chocolates
T That food wasn’t yummy enough or not filling enough or I am not stuffed or I could eat more
F Desire
A Eat to +6
R I reinforce food is not “filling” my needs (I end up here more then I would like)

C Eat lunch when I am at -2
T Its been 6 hours since I last ate I should eat a lot of food now
F Panic?/entitlement?
A Eat meal plus more “snacks” to ensure enough caloric intake,
R No progress..

Insight appreciated. Xo