I Rewrote My Life Story To Look More Valuable – Part II

Dear Brooke,

Thank you for your compassionate answer to my question. This is part II.

With July’s theme it seems so timely that I decided to deal with the fact that I rewrote my life story to look more valuable.

What I learned is that it had negative results in my life because each time my family are planned to visit and spend time with us, I get anxious, fearing the truth will get revealed.

I had the dare of my life and came clean yesterday and told him everything.
His reaction was so gentle and human. He said he would like to share something ‘in return’ and told me that when we just started dating he would try to over-impress me in bed so I will think of him as more valuable.

A huge load has been taken off my chest. I feel so calm and at peace as well as mentally strong for having the courage to feel shame on purpose and know that I can deal with that.
There’s an overall calmness between us since that conversation. His reveal also made him appear so human and true. Some opening I’ve done for the month of July…

With immense gratitude.