Hello my lovely friends. I am in Rhode Island on that family “trip” (I stopped calling it vacation because its more like a trip my family takes for a week with my husbands family and we are host the house) and could use some coaching on what is going on in my brain. My brain keeps offering me “I don’t want to be here” and I am also blaming my husband for being here. The thought I don’t want to be here is very strong. I know from my prefrontal cortex is offering me that of course I don’t have to be here.  I am wondering if on some level I don’t really believe that and that is why the resistance is so strong.

I also am having strong judgements on my mother in law. She has been showing or voicing her displeasure since she arrived and yesterday told my son he was the worst behaved child at church. I tried to use Byron Katie’s method of how that I is true, and it might have been, but I still think she overstepped her bounds. My “R” for this trip was peace and generosity, hoping you can help get me back on track here.