Right-sizing a Goal

Hey coaches! I was listening to the podcast #253 on Impossible Goal Action. Since I’m relatively new to Scholars I haven’t done the Impossible Goal month officially, but I figured that the podcast would be a great accompaniment to September’s work. (And I was right; it was!)

However, it did bring up one question for me. One of the things that Brooke says in the podcast is that our goal might be to lose 10lbs but we can’t expect to lose 10lbs tomorrow. Or if we have a $100k goal for our business, we shouldn’t set up a goal of $8k from the very next month if we’ve been at 0. Instead, we should build in a ramp-up period over the year.

This made me wonder, how can we right-size the timeline for a goal?

For me, I’m looking at adding 15 new clients to our business by the end of the year. My brain says, okay, let’s do 5 sales in September, 5 in October, 5 in November / December (anticipating a holiday slow-down). And then of course my brain promptly freaks out at the idea of creating 5 sales this coming month. It truly does feel impossible.

How can I tell if that’s just my brain creating drama versus me actually ramping up too quickly, like Brooke warns about?