Rising & Falling

Hi Brooke,

I have lost 40 pounds with the help of your Stop Overeating Workshop. For few months food was no longer an issue for me and then came here and there exceptions and suddenly I would notice my brain signaling me that we should get that hit from nuts or rice. I think I did not notice it as a sabotage issue because these are not cakes and bread, but ultimately nuts and rice did cause me to gain weight and I am now 5 pounds heavier.

I will have to reinstall a more precise protocol and keep it going for the rest of my life if I want to keep look and feel as I felt when I reached my lowest weight.

Since I am in Scholars I have learned a lot but the awareness is not necessarily keep rising. It rises and falls and sometimes I feel I think and behave as if I learned nothing and sometimes I have this clear and high resolution on where I am at and what is the next right thing for me to do.

Is it supposed to be this way?