Roach Phobia

Hello! I would like to explore using the model for my extreme fear of roaches.
I’ve lived in an apartment complex for a few years and recently started seeing them the past few weeks. My unit is being treated by my complex but the issue hasn’t been completely resolved.
I LOVE my apartment but I’m afraid to be there and I’m not able to sleep either so I’ve been working from and staying at my parents house.
I have 6 months left on my lease so I’d really like to stop being so afraid of them to the point where I can’t relax or be in my apartment for more than a few hours.
Even if I don’t see any that day, I feel like I spend my time just waiting for one to pop up or just knowing that they are there out of sight is just as bad.
I’m not sure why I’m so scared. I actually feel silly when I have to call a friend or neighbor to come kill one. I know they can’t harm me. But even a photo of them will cause me to scream or drop my phone.
I’m not afraid of reptiles or any other type of bug but roaches are the only thing that make me hysterical like this so I’m having the hardest time pinpointing a specific thought. FYI I live in Texas so these things can get huge.

C: Roaches in apartment
F: Afraid
A: Cry, leave apartment, don’t sleep, watch out for them
R: Live in fear

C: Roaches in apartment
A: face roaches
R: live and function peacefully in my apartment