Road rage question

I got honked at this morning and I flipped off the lady who did it.

Austin traffic can be frustrating in the mornings, and about 95% of the time I have no issues with it. I have no problem being courteous, which is what got me honked at this morning. (I was letting someone go in front of me and the person behind me didn’t like it)

I’m at such a point in time in my life, where it reeeally pisses me off when I’m told what to do. I’m finally about to break that chain with my mom so I feel that this power struggle is just fueling a lot of my energy right now.

I realize that the “right Christian” thing to do is to NOT flip someone off. I think this is why I felt so sick with myself afterwards.

But at the same time… dang it I do what I want!!!! Nobody can tell me otherwise!!!

All this yuckiness was brought to the surface when this happened. Here is my model.

C: I got honked at. I flipped the lady off and made sure she saw me.
T: “lady your the one with the problem not me. You are the one with the issues” don’t tell me what to effing do.
F: terrible about myself. Shame.
A: tries to justify what I did all the while trying to make myself feel better about myself.
R: dissatisfied with myself and how I acted- therefore reaches out to Brooke and see what she says.

Next time I don’t want to flip someone off but I don’t want to feel like the idiot who gets honked at either. I feel like if your honked at, everyone knows this is an embarrassing situation.

What are your thoughts on this?


Ps- she ended up flipping me off back. 🙄😔this is not who I want to be.