Road Trip

Hello, I’m writing for feedback on my model – I’m not sure if the C is clean. The story around the C is this… I had not driven a car alone, beyond locally (Manhattan and 5 boroughs), for eight years because I was afraid to do so. I got sick of how limiting that was and took my first solo road trip outside of “local” on Thursday. It was fantastic.

I was uneasy in the days leading up to the trip (about 150 miles). When my partner asked how I was feeling the morning of the trip I said “excited and nervous,” then he went into kitchen and did not engage in a conversation about my feelings or offer any support – by support I mean words such as “you got this” or actions such as offering to join me on the phone (while I drove).

C: My partner did not say words about my upcoming road trip
T: My partner is not thoughtful
F: Mad
A: Got snappy toward him, Left in a huff
R:I am not being thoughtful to him or me