Rough Morning

because I had a rough morning with those I love, (not acting even close to how I would like to be with them) I decided to take my purpose; ” To create beauty and insight from whatever the world offers” and try to apply it directly to my relationships. Originally, I had thought of it as applying to the art that I create.
My question is this: is my circumstance that I am critical and judgemental? I know being critical and judgement are thoughts, but can they be circumstances too?
C: I am critical and judgemental
T: why does no one here know how to behave?
F: Angry
A: Rude to those I love
R: Distance from those I love
So then-
C: I am Human
T: When I misbehave it means I am Human
F: Sad and ashamed
A: Tolerate feeling sad and ashamed
R: ? trust that if I tolerate these feeling I will learn to behave better ?
Applying my purpose:
C: With my family
T: How can I create beauty and insight for my family?
F: Curious
A: Create better boundaries for myself, (leave the room when things get out of hand) then I will be able to offer patience and tolerance and Love.
R: Love my family no matter how they behave.

So you can see I am in the midst of it and would appreciate and thoughts and advice…