Round II Stress at work

Hi Brooke, thanks for the coaching. When I do the model on why I feel like I have to protect myself when my patients complain about their pain I realized these feelings come from my Dad telling me I was worthless and stupid growing up. Very hurtful and I thought I had worked through it. I still live in fear of not knowing enough and when my pts complain I think I’m using that as evidence that they wouldn’t be attacking me if I was enough. I feel like I’m moving in the right direction but would like more help in the form of live coaching. You always seem to work miracles. I wrote in to be coached but my work schedule is Mon. Tues. and Thursday so I miss out on your live coaching calls except for last week. I tried to hire Janet but she said she could only do a 10 min. call. I really want to work through this. Help?