Routine v. Calendaring

I want to have a morning routine that I do the same every day so I don’t have to THINK so much! I have one but I haven’t been remotely consistent in following it. I end up scrambling to get the kids out of the house. If I wake up even a little bit late, I miss my rituals.

What ways can I just hit the ground running? I feel like I start the day off by letting myself down. I’d really like to find myself with no kids in the house having already done all the things so I can start my work day having already dressed, meditated, washed face/teeth, stretched, etc.

My calendar I find challenging, too. I still haven’t managed to get all the things onto my calendar! Are these the same problem? If not, just the answer to the wake-up thing, please. I feel like that would help me learn to trust myself. Or am I looking to the wrong things entirely? Thank you!