Rude client

Hi there
Please help me with processing an interaction with a client
C client shouting at me over the phone, pointing her finger at me when she arrives
T she shouldn’t treat me like this
F angry
A battle to focus on my work, do a worse job than I would’ve, judge her, speak about her to colleagues
R I’m treating her badly, doing a worse job of helping her, and also making myself sick(treating myself badly)

C as above
T she should apologise
F self righteous
A judge her, plan to give her a piece of my mind consider firing her
R I feel sick I do the work reluctantly and with resistance, I’m unhappy.

So I’m doing this work to try to feel better but I keep going back to those models. Is that because I need to feel the anger and judgement more? Or is my thought work not deep enough?
I guess im just not getting that her behaviour is neutral until I have a thought about it? It doesn’t feel neutral, it feels wrong.
Any guidance is very welcome.