Rude narcissistic husband

I know the model says my husband can’t make me feel a certain way, it’s my thoughts. However I am struggling when he does and says things that i think are rude and disrespectful. He also often gets mad and I feel like I’m in his way in our house. For example he gets mad if I’m in the bathroom at the time he wants to get in the bathroom and we only have one in the house. He gets mad if the toaster is on the counter in the spot where he wants to put his cooler. He has double standard if I have lights on or TV in room I’m not in at the moment, but he’ll leave lights on for long periods and fridge door open while getting a drink. Yes it’s his choice to get mad or say/do rude things & have dble. standard and it’s my choice to not think these things are rude or that I’m in his way BUT if he is mad about something that I have done, how can I not feel bad about it? It seems like the model asks me to change my thoughts to turn off my emotions in order not to respond to negativity around me. It seems like I’m just stuffing down my real feelings to replace with rainbows and unicorns. I don’t want to be upset by his actions, but what new believable thought can I have instead about these circumstances?