Rumination: question and action problem worksheet

Hello coaches,

Can you direct me to helpful resources on stopping ruminating?

Also, feedback appreciated on my Action Problem Workseet on rumination below 🙂

What result do you get when you act this way?

How does this result prove the original thought that leads to
this behavior?

C: life
T: I have to solve this problem
F: anxiety
A: rumination
R: I argue with reality

C: life
T: This shouldn’t be happening
F: resistance
R: I argue with reality

C: life
T: I can’t fix this
F: helplessness
R: I feel broken

C: life
T: I don’t know what to do
F: confusion
R: I spin

C: life
T: I’m going to fix this
F: determination
R: I see situation as broken

What feelings might negate this behavior?

What thought would you need to think to feel this way?

C: life
T: It was always meant to happen this way
F: acceptance
A: don’t ruminate
R: accept reality

C: life
T: I’m going to focus on what I can control here
F: grounded
A: don’t ruminate
R: stay within my circle of control

C: life
T: It’s going to be OK
F: calm
A: don’t ruminate
R: be OK

C: life
T: I’m doing the best I can and that’s enough
F: compassion
A: don’t ruminate
R: do the best I can