Rundown from work

My work is very stressful, and I’ve done a lot of models around different aspects of it. It’s gotten better-I feel like the main character at the beginning of Office Space when he gets hypnotized-everything is less dire/more ‘water off a duck’s back’.

However, my second in command quit, so now I’m the only one in the admin office of my school (I’m the center director). Doing many jobs each day, I get worn down and come home with no energy to even brainstorm for my creative fiction story I’m writing. I keep trying to use the model, but I feel like I’ve taken all the specific circumstances through the model. But my day doesn’t just consist of isolated circumstances-there are many, interwoven, so it’s hard for me to find inner peace/relief at the end of the day because although I’m not as negative anymore throughout my day thinking “this sucks”/”I should quit”/”I can’t believe I have to do so many jobs”/etc., the act of physically doing so much in 8 hrs is still physically and mentally exhausting. Should I be doing models a different way to simultaneously work on inner peace, do what my company asks of me, and not be drained by 5pm? I could use some perspective, I think.