Running friends?

I am trying to figure out my group of running friends. I keep feeling left out and that they don’t care about me. But I don’t know what is real and what is me being sensitive and perhaps interpreting their actions like that. There are 5 of us who always use to run every Sunday together.

Then one person decided to stop checking the group chat where we would make the arrangements. Rather than be included in the group conversation about the arrangements, he would text one of the group members privately to see if they wanted to go running. Another moved 10 miles away so he stopped running every week.

Last week one of the group members went away for the weekend. So she wasn’t around. The friend who moved and the friend who stopped checking the group chat ran together that Sunday. I ran alone. When I saw they ran together I thought “well they probably just wanted male time together.” But then I saw they ran with another female.

This is just one example, but there seems to be a similar theme.

C – 2 running friends ran together with one of their female friends
T – I am not important to them
F – Left out
A – I run alone. Looked at their running stats and photos they posted on social media. Didn’t go running with them the following week when they did invite me. Make up stories about why they didn’t invite me.
R – I am running alone and not sure if they are my friends or not.

Thanks for helping me figure this out.