Running Down the Highway Naked

On Saturday, my Partner and I were watching “Jeopardy” – while waiting to go out to dinner. I’m always impressed by the most random things contestants know. One question popped up that was very obvious to me… It was about a magician back in the early 1900’s. As a kid, I was very interested in magic, so I realized instantly the answer was “Harry Houdini”. No one buzzed in. No one got it. The answer, indeed, was Harry Houdini.

Harry Houdini was the most famous magician in his lifetime and after. Performed for kings and queens, made movies, has been the subject of multiple movies and books. He was incredibly famous worldwide then and for decades after.

Where am I going with this (Brooke is thinking). The man has been forgotten. Not completely, obviously, but here’s one of the most famous people of the last century – and he’s not in the brain cells of most humans. Which means “I” will not be in the brain cells of most humans. Which means why the f am I worrying so much about all of this crazy small ass crap and drama – when NO ONE will remember it 3 seconds after I’m dead. Or even while I’m alive. Heck, I could literally shuck all of my clothes right now… run down the highway until police netted me… and that would not matter one iota a few weeks from now. (I’m not going to test out this theory, but I think I’m right on the money)

Does this ever cross your mind? Like… “People! Wake Up! 100% of your worries are non-issues. Go live your life. Create something fun. Experience cool things. Stop drowning in a pool of your own made-up drama stories! Go. Shoo. Get out there while you can. The sun is going down!”

I dunno. Some things probably just hit the brain in a weird way – but that hit me like “Holy crap! If these super-smart people forgot one of the famous, most fascinating humans in the last 100 years – why the hell am I so stuck on what humans will think about me? Why not just go live my life and be free?”

I know. Random ramblings. But when you realize that we’re all just busying ourselves with minutia – it gives the brain a jolt to stop focusing so much on what others thing of us – and just explore and live and enjoy and be surprised.